California CCW Handbook is the go-to source of information for concealed carry permits in the state.  This outstanding resource guides readers through the permit process, shooting fundamentals, self-defense techniques, laws, and liability issues. Packed with practical carry facts that all CCW applicants will find indispensible.  Book included with Sierra CCW courses.

Sierra CCW

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Sierra CCW provides top-flight instruction and California-approved classes for original and renewal CCW permit applicants and shooters of all levels.

Have you tried other instructors, only to find you get little or nothing for your money?  A CCW class should be more than just paying for a paper certificate.  It should be fun, challenging, and exciting.  It should leave you more prepared than before to handle a life-threatening emergency. As long as you have to take a class, get top-shelf instruction!  Go with the best...Sierra CCW.