Terms of Service and Liability

Because there are certain risks associated with handling firearms, and because safety is the number one concern at Sierra CCW, all students are expected to comply with 

safety rules in the classroom and at the range.  Before taking any class at Sierra CCW, each student will be requested to acknowledge our Agreement and Release of Liability form.  There is no requirement or pressure to sign the form.  If a student has questions about the form, or would feel more comfortable discussing it with someone first, the student will be given the opportunity to reschedule their class, or to receive a refund for the class.  The Agreement and Release of Liability form is reproduced below:

Sierra CCW


 I, ________________________________________________________________________________________, do hereby acknowledge and agree that  participation in this class, and/or time spent at any shooting range, facility, or land used for training as part of this class, is conditioned upon the following:

 1.  I am taking this class voluntarily.
 2.  I can be dismissed and removed from class at any time and without prior warning, and without receiving a Certificate of Completion or any refund of fees or  costs associated with taking this class, if at any time the instructor believes:
          A) I have violated, disobeyed, or disregarded safety rules, as set forth by the instructor,
          B)  I have disregarded special instructions or directions given to me by the instructor,
          C)  I have disobeyed rules of the shooting range, as set forth by the instructor or rangemaster,
          D)  I have handled firearms or ammunition when asked not to do so by the instructor,
          E)  I have cheated on any test, exam, or qualification,
          F)  My behavior or actions put myself or any other person at risk of injury or death,
          G)  My behavior is offensive or disruptive to class,

 3.  No Certificate of Completion will be issued if I discontinue or leave class before the instructor determines I have met the skills and learning requirements  necessary to earn a Certificate of Completion.
 4.  I agree to immediately notify emergency responders by calling 911, or to otherwise actively summon help, if the instructor or anyone else is injured in class or  at the shooting location, and to administer aid to the instructor if the instructor is injured, and to remain on the scene until help arrives if the instructor, or any  other person, is injured, weather in the classroom or at any shooting range, facility, or land used for practicing shooting skills, unless otherwise directed by the  instructor or other emergency responders.
 5.  I understand, acknowledge and agree that all material presented in this class, weather written, oral, pictorial, or videographic, is the sole opinion of the  instructor, and that I will not rely solely on the material presented in this class for any self-defense action of which I am, or may ever be, a part.
 6.  I acknowledge that I am advised to consult an attorney skilled in the self-defense laws of California before carrying any weapon or firearm, for defensive  purposes or otherwise.

 I hereby release, hold harmless, and indemnify Sierra CCW, Robert Grossman, Robert Scott, its owners, instructors, speakers and presenters,  officers, employees, successors, heirs, vendors and affiliates, from any and all claims for damages arising from accidental or intentional death,  physical or emotional injury, or from failure to receive a Certificate of Completion, while participating in this class or at any shooting range, facility,  or land used for practicing shooting, or at any time afterwards, or from any misuse, misinterpretation, errors, or omissions of information presented  in this class or at any shooting range, facility, or land used for practicing shooting, or from any other claim based on the materials, views, opinions,  media, props, demonstrations, or techniques presented in this class, or from live-fire drills, target qualifications, or shooting competitions at any  venue associated with this class.

 I have read, understand, acknowledge, and agree to the terms and conditions as set forth hereinabove:

      Student Signature                                                             Printed Name                                                            Date              

      Parent or Guardian, if under 18                                        Printed Name                                                            Date