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Sierra CCW provides concealed carry permit classes and range qualification for original and renewal CCW permit applicants in California, and handgun training for shooters of all levels.  Contact us today at 530-563-6397.

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Terms of Service, Liability, and Safety Notices

Because there are certain risks associated with handling firearms, and because safety is the number one concern at Sierra CCW, all students are expected to comply with safety rules and Terms of Service in the classroom and at the range.  Before taking any class at Sierra CCW, each student will be requested to acknowledge and sign our Agreement and Release of Liability form, and ​Safety Notice & Financial Responsibility form.  Students not wishing to acknowledge or sign these forms will be dismissed from class, and will be issued refunds.


If you need to cancel your class, fees will be refunded only if you provide notice to the instructor at least two days prior to your scheduled class date.  Class fees will not be refunded for no-shows.   No refunds issued if student leaves during class, or if student is asked to leave class because, in the sole judgment of the instructor, the student is unsafe,  disruptive, points a loaded or unloaded firearm at anyone, or brings a loaded firearm into the classroom.  Applicants will not be refunded class fees if they fail either or both the classroom portion or the range qualification portions of the class. 
 All classes subject to terms and conditions (see below).  Classes are held rain, shine, or snow, unless instructor notifies you of class postponement or cancellation due to weather.  No refunds will be issued because of bad weather if the class is held as scheduled.  Refunds will be issued if instructor cancels class.

 1.  I am taking this class voluntarily.
 2.  I can be dismissed and removed from class at any time and without prior warning, and without receiving a Certificate of Completion or any refund of fees or  costs associated with taking this class, if at any time the instructor believes:
          A) I have violated, disobeyed, or disregarded safety rules, as set forth by the instructor,
          B)  I have disregarded special instructions or directions given to me by the instructor,
          C)  I have disobeyed rules of the shooting range, as set forth by the instructor or rangemaster,
          D)  I have handled firearms or ammunition when asked not to do so by the instructor,
          E)  I have cheated on any test, exam, or qualification,
          F)  My behavior or actions put myself or any other person at risk of injury or death,
          G)  My behavior is offensive or disruptive to class,

 3.  No Certificate of Completion will be issued if I discontinue or leave class before the instructor determines I have met the skills and learning requirements  necessary to earn a Certificate of Completion.
 4.  I agree to immediately notify emergency responders by calling 911, or to otherwise actively summon help, if the instructor or anyone else is injured in class or  at the shooting location, and to administer aid to the instructor if the instructor is injured, and to remain on the scene until help arrives if the instructor, or any  other person, is injured, weather in the classroom or at any shooting range, facility, or land used for practicing shooting skills, unless otherwise directed by the  instructor or other emergency responders.
 5.  I understand, acknowledge and agree that all material presented in this class, weather written, oral, pictorial, or videographic, is the sole opinion of the  instructor, and that I will not rely solely on the material presented in this class for any self-defense action of which I am, or may ever be, a part.
 6.  I acknowledge that I am advised to consult an attorney skilled in the self-defense laws of California before carrying any weapon or firearm, for defensive  purposes or otherwise.

 Applicant agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify Sierra CCW, Robert Grossman, Robert Scott, its owners, instructors, speakers and presenters,  officers, employees, successors, heirs, vendors and affiliates, from any and all claims for damages arising from accidental or intentional death,  physical or emotional injury, or from failure to receive a Certificate of Completion, while participating in this class or at any shooting range, facility,  or land used for practicing shooting, or at any time afterwards, or from any misuse, misinterpretation, errors, or omissions of information presented  in this class or at any shooting range, facility, or land used for practicing shooting, or from any other claim based on the materials, views, opinions,  media, props, demonstrations, or techniques presented in this class, or from live-fire drills, target qualifications, or shooting competitions at any  venue associated with this class.

​Issuance of CCW Permit Not Guaranteed:
Because the decision to issue a CCW permit is entirely at the discretion of your issuing authority (Sheriff’s Office or Police Chief), because “Good Cause” is not statutorily defined in the State of California, and because “Good Cause” is not definitively described by your issuing authority, Sierra CCW and its instructor(s) do not represent or guaranty that any student successfully passing this class will be issued a CCW permit.   

Inappropriate Calibers:
Issuing agencies are increasingly restricting the calibers they will accept for CCW firearms.  You are responsible for ascertaining your issuing agency’s requirements for acceptable calibers.  Just because your instructor qualifies you with a particular firearm, does not mean your issuing agency will accept that firearm for your CCW permit.

​Safety Notice & Financial Responsibility

Live-fire shooting exercises, including range qualification events, are a part of this class.  Participation in this class is voluntary. Because safety is the top priority in this class,  applicant acknowledges, understands and agrees to the following:
   1. Discharging firearms, even in controlled environments, can be dangerous or even lethal to myself, other participants and any others nearby. Sierra CCW is NOT requiring me to participate in live-fire events.  Since a live-fire qualification is necessary to receive a Certificate of Completion for a CCW permit application, if I choose not to participate in live fire events in this class, I will not be issued a Certificate of Completion.
   2.The instructor may terminate my participation in any live fire-event, or in the classroom, if the instructor determines my behavior or actions to be unsafe.  If such a determination is made, I may be asked to leave the range or class immediately, and I will not receive any refund for the class.
   3. Pointing my firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, at myself, the instructor, or at any other person, will result in immediate disqualification, and I may be asked to leave the range or class immediately, and I will not receive any refund for the class.
   4. Handling, loading, unloading, playing with, or dry-firing any firearm in the safe area behind the firing line may result in disqualification, and I may be asked to leave the range or class immediately, and I will not receive any refund for the class.
   5. When using a two-handed grip while discharging any semi-automatic handgun, crossing my thumbs behind the backstrap or slide will likely result in injury to myself.  It is my sole responsibility to operate my firearm(s) in a safe manner.  Safe operation includes keeping both my thumbs on the same side of the firearm, and out of the way of the slide.
   6. If I discharge my firearm, either intentionally or unintentionally, and as a result I or someone else is injured or killed, or property is damaged, I may be held criminally and financially responsible.
   7. If I discharge my firearm, either intentionally or unintentionally, and as a result the instructor is injured, or the instructor’s vehicle or other property is damaged, I will voluntarily personally and timely compensate the instructor for such damages, including any and all medical expenses, ongoing treatment as the result of such injuries, rehabilitation necessitated by such injuries, medically necessitated transportation including air transportation, and lodging, mobility devices, and loss of income.  I will also reimburse any other class-members their costs associated with taking the class if, as a result of my injuring the instructor, those other students are unable to complete the class.  Instructor’s property includes vehicles, range bags and any contents therein, equipment boxes and any contents therein, the instructor’s firearms, protective or professional clothing and equipment, and other gear.
   8. Any firearm can be damaged, especially when mishandled, or by using improper, defective, or self-loaded ammunition.  Even proper, safe handling can sometimes result in firearm damage. I am solely responsible for any damage to my firearm(s) during this class, and will hold harmless Robert Grossman, Robert G. Scott, and/or Sierra CCW for any damages sustained to my firearm or other equipment during this class and/or qualification event.
   9. If I am unable to safely operate my firearm as a result of a manufacturing defect, neglect or improper maintenance, lack of lubrication, unfamiliarity with the operating instructions, amount of recoil, difficult slide operation, the firearm is inappropriate for my physical abilities or limitations, or other reasons, I may not be able to complete the range qualification, and therefor I may not receive a Certificate of Completion.  Providing a well-maintained, operable, appropriate firearm and the correct ammunition for use in this class is my sole responsibility.
    10.I can increase my personal safety in this class and at the range by purchasing and wearing ballistic resistant clothing or equipment, such as a bullet-proof vest.  Such clothing and equipment does not remove all of the risks associated with discharging firearms, or being at a shooting range.
    11.Other persons not associated with this class may be discharging firearms at the facility where this class will hold range qualifications events.  Those other persons may have no safety training or supervision, may not know how to operate their firearms, and may not know or obey even the most basic safety rules.  Such persons pose a risk to me and to others.  The instructor has no control over who uses public ranges, and no authority to ensure others at the range behave in a safe manner.  I am free to leave the shooting facility at any time I feel uncomfortable or unsafe.