In California: Plumas County, Sierra County, Nevada County, Placer County, El Dorado County, and many other areas.


If you need to cancel your class, fees will be refunded only if you provide notice to the instructor at least two days prior to your scheduled class date.  No refunds issued if student leaves during class, or if student is asked to leave class because, in the sole judgment of the instructor, the student is unsafe,  disruptive, points a loaded or unloaded firearm at anyone, or brings a loaded firearm into the classroom.


Original or Renewal


8 hours of instruction, including range time.  Book and other course materials included.  Small class size.  Reservation required. Free schwag!                    $135

Student must provide their own firearm and 100 rounds of new, boxed (not reloaded) ammunition. A lunch break is provided and applicants can bring food their own food.Please leave a comment on which class date you prefer.

 ​Sierra CCW classes are approved by these agencies:
 Truckee Police Department (Now NV Co.)
 Nevada County Sheriff's Office
 Placer County Sheriff's Office
 El Dorado County Sheriff's Office

 Sierra County Sheriff's Office
 City of Stockton Police Dept. (Requires 16-hour course for  original applicants)

 City of Sacramento Police Dept.
 Plumas County Sheriff's Office - Renewal permits only





SATURDAY       MAY 9, 2020                     CCW ORIGINAL/RENEWAL CLASS


Midweek classes are available by appointment if scheduled classes conflict with your schedule.  All classes subject to rescheduling due to weather.

Please email HERE to request a specific class date.

CCW Classes - sign up today!


Sierra CCW provides concealed carry permit classes and range qualification for original and renewal CCW permit applicants in California, and handgun training for shooters of all levels.  Contact us today at 530-563-6397.

Call today: 530-563-6397

4 hours of instruction, including range time.  Book and other course materials included.  Small class size.  Reservation required. Free schwag!                       $90

Student must provide their own firearm and 100 rounds of new, boxed (not reloaded) ammunition.

Please leave a comment on which class date you prefer.

Concealed Carry - CCW Classes - CCW Permits

VIP, Family, and Special Group classes.

Contact us directly via email or phone for scheduling and payment options.

VIP Class  

Our VIP Class offers personalized, discreet, private instruction.  This class is specifically designed for  judges, attorneys, government officials, public figures, CEO's, actors, and other high-profile individuals.  Instruction is catered to your specific circumstances, with ample time spent at the range. Scheduled at your convenience. Up to 8 hours of class/range time. With or without a Certificate of Completion for CCW application.

Original-Issue VIP Class -$300. 

Renewal-Issue VIP class-$200


Family Safety Class  

This class offers up to 6 hours of instruction and range time, centering on personal and family protection inside and outside the home.  This class will help you choose appropriate firearms and other protective measures to help keep you and your family safe.  Also teaches younger family members gun safety.  Includes basic to advanced range training. Scheduled at your convenience.

Family Safety Class - $300 (Up to 5 people)

Special Groups   

If you have a larger group that is interested in learning about personal or family protection, or for larger groups of CCW applicants, I can travel to your meeting place, office, or your local public rec. center to conduct classes.  Scheduled at your convenience. Cost depends on number of group members, location, facilities availability, range availability, and type of instruction desired. 


These CCW classes are designed for applicants who are already familiar with firearms, and who can successfully engage range targets.  CCW Classes are NOT appropriate for students that are new to firearms or who do not already own an appropriate firearm.  Please call or email to set up an introductory class and training.

When you purchase your class on-line, you will be notified via email of your reservation.  That email will ask you to confirm the class date that you prefer.

Classes start at 9:00 am. Class is located at 10330 Donner Pass Road, Suite D. Take the driveway up behind Split Rock Music to the upper parking lot. Parking is free.  Leave all ammo in your car.  



Your California photo ID.

Up to 3 firearms, registered to you (some counties may allow more).

50 rounds of new, boxed ammunition for each firearm. No reloads allowed.

Hearing protection (headphone-style recommended).

​Eye protection.

Appropriate clothing and footwear for the outdoor shooting range.


CCW classes are not intended to be beginning shooting classes.  Range qualification is not difficult, but it does take some practice.  Contact your issuing agency or visit their website for information on their range qualification requirements.  Each county has their own requirements.  The range qualification portion of your Original or Renewal CCW class at Sierra CCW will follow your issuing agency's guidelines.  The first re-test is FREE. There is a $50 fee for each subsequent re-qualification session at the range.  The range qualification is not timed, nor will you draw from a holster.

Two-day notice required for money back if you need to cancel your class reservation. Class fees will not be refunded for no-show.  All classes subject to terms and conditions.  Classes held rain or shine (or snow!)
Class presentation, materials, and California CCW Handbook are copyrighted to Robert G. Scott and Sierra CCW.  All rights reserved.