Sierra CCW

​California CCW Handbook

The California CCW Handbook is the absolute best source for information on everything "concealed carry"  in the state.  This well-illustrated book will guide you through the permit process, firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, proven self-defense techniques, CCW laws, liability issues, and every-day practical considerations for carrying a firearm.  

Weather you already have a current CCW permit, are renewing your CCW permit, or are applying for the first time, this handbook contains vital information every CCW permit holder needs to know.

The California CCW Handbook is provided to students with Sierra CCW classes.  Also available for purchase separately at the link below or from Amazon.  The California CCW Handbook is also available to other for Firearm Safety Instructors and CCW Instructors. Email for details.

Spiral bound. 130 pages.  $18.95 + shipping USPS.   Reduced pricing available for certified firearms instructors.   AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!

Sierra CCW provides top-flight instruction and California-approved classes for original and renewal CCW permit applicants and shooters of all levels.

"Finally, here is a handbook which expresses relevant and practical

CCW information in clear and easily understandable terms.  Beyond

helping the reader to grasp California law, Grossman prompts the reader to consider force scenarios while providing insight and wisdom

into what legal and life-impacting results will inevitably follow."

                                           --- Lt. Brian Williams

​                                               South Lake Tahoe Police Department