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California CCW Handbook second edition

Sierra CCW provides concealed carry permit classes and range qualification for original and renewal CCW permit applicants in California, and handgun training for shooters of all levels.  Contact us today at 530-563-6397.

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In California: Plumas County, Sierra County, Nevada County, Placer County, El Dorado County, and many other areas.

"Finally, here is a handbook which expresses relevant and practical

CCW information in clear and easily understandable terms.  Beyond

helping the reader to grasp California law, (Robert) prompts the reader to consider force scenarios while providing insight and wisdom

into what legal and life-impacting results will inevitably follow."

                                           --- Lt. Brian Williams

​                                               South Lake Tahoe Police Department

"Why is your CCW instructor not teaching this stuff?  As a CCW permit holder, you're supposed to know all of this information..."

California CCW Handbook, Second Edition is the one complete source of information for concealed-carry permit applicants in the state.  The book guides readers through the permit process, firearm safety, handgun shooting fundamentals, real-world self-defense techniques, CCW laws, civil and criminal liability issues, and practical considerations for carrying a firearm.  This revised addition contains new laws, updated information, and expanded content.

This book could help you from becoming a victim. Whether you already have a permit, are renewing a permit, or are applying for the very first time, this one source contains indispensable information every CCW holder needs to know.  

The California CCW Handbook is provided to students taking Sierra CCW classes.  Also available for purchase separately from Amazon at the link below. 

Softcover. 190 pages.  $16.95 + shipping.    GET IT ON AMAZON!