Sierra CCW will prepare you for the realities of concealed carry.

The internet is filled with self-proclaimed experts spouting unsupported claims.  There are on-line videos by the score, demonstrating unsafe and unrealistic methods of defending oneself with a handgun.  And those well-distributed firearms magazines are filled with over-the-top hype from manufacturers.  Unfortunately, many CCW instructors get their information from those sources. 

Sierra CCW focuses on real-world CCW instruction, with proven methods used by law enforcement, the personal defense industry, and many other reliable sources.  Our classes guide applicants through the CCW application process, and presents the most important information available on a multitude of topics that every CCW holder needs to know.

At Sierra CCW, you'll get up-to-date information and proven techniques that can better prepare you to handle potentially life-threatening situations. CCW laws, personal liability, the hidden pitfalls of many firearms, calibers, and holsters, even what to do if you get pulled over by police.  You'll get fully vetted, supported information, demonstrations, discussions on what works and why, ample time at the range using techniques that actually work.


Robert G. Scott is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a California DOJ Certified Instructor.  He has been active in shooting and marksmanship since 1980.  He received formal firearms training at the High Sierra Law Enforcement Academy in Reno, Nevada, as a Reno Police Officer.  Robert earned the "Top Gun" award for that academy.  

Robert is a regional television personality, has been a featured speaker in the community, and has published 3 books, and over 100 articles appearing in newspapers, magazines and the Internet.


Sierra CCW is located at 10356 Donner Pass Road, in the heart of Downtown Truckee, California.  Class sizes are small and conducted in a dedicated classroom. Free parking.  There are many restaurants within walking distance of the classroom. For more information, class schedules, and reservations, please use the Contact Form on the Contact page, or call 530-563-6397.


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In California: Plumas County, Sierra County, Nevada County, Placer County, El Dorado County, and many other areas.

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Sierra CCW provides concealed carry permit classes and range qualification for original and renewal CCW permit applicants in California, and handgun training for shooters of all levels.  Contact us today at 530-563-6397.

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